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About Counselling and Psychotherapy

Choosing to begin therapy is an important moment. It is a step in the process of change, which can be an exciting and deeply fulfilling experience. We don't know what we will discover as we begin to try to understand ourselves better.  


Sometimes people decide to come for therapy to help them through a particularly difficult time in their lives, after a relationship breaks down, or following the loss of a loved one.  Others might come in the hope of making sense of difficult feelings that don't seem to be connected to a particular crisis. 


Therapy can provide a fresh perspective on your issues, help you to understand what lies beneath them and can help you to break unhelpful patterns of behaviour.  It is a collaborative process where we will work together to understand you.

At an initial consultation, I will ask you what has brought you to therapy and begin to think with you about whether what I offer is appropriate for your needs. The initial consultation will take place over one (or more) 50-minute session and costs £75 per session.  

If we agree to work together, we will find a time of the week that suits us both and agree a fee.  Sessions last 50 minutes.  

Boundaries are important in therapy. I start and end sessions on time, let clients know in advance of any upcoming breaks and will clearly explain my policies around confidentiality and missed sessions.

I send an invoice at the beginning of each month for payments in the previous month. Most clients choose to pay via bank transfer.


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